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Divide and conquer…well not really.

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Why did the conservative right fail to win in Roe v. Wade and in the general populace for popular support of stricter control of abortions.  To begin, we must look at the very logic of the conservative party and the rationale behind restricting abortion rights.  The conservative party stresses individualistic rights and freedom of the individual.  Therefore when in front of the Supreme Court attempting to argue against abortion rights, the judges railed against the notion that women loosing rights aligns with the republican party.  Further, those communities that were pro-life were so divided they were unable to connect with each other and coordinate efforts to fight the growing waves of pro-choice support.  Thus, when the Roe v. Wade ruling was handed down those fundamentalists fighting against abortion rights were astounded.  They thought for sure they had won….oops

For Clinton however I believe that there was a general disconnect between the populace and what was believed within the white house.  Thus the ruling of ‘dont ask dont tell’ came as a shock to not only to the general populace but also the SBC who had aligned themselves with the Clinton administration.  To their demise however he pointed out that kicking out gay men and women from the armed services would do no good for the status of the military.  Gay men and women already were serving for their country and by cart blanche kicking them out would do no good for the service.

The SBC however were shocked because at the time they had supported Clinton for the presidency and thus following this decision they were shocked.  Their golden boy of the presidency had let them down on this crucial decision and now they were keen to go after him.