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Because I Write Poems…

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

…I decided to share one with you guys. Also because I am obsessed with ribs, Adam’s and otherwise.

Entangled in Bone
(For Allison)

I step outside myself
and become two. I become us,
both she and I, both true.

Awash with pale, unforgiving
fluorescence, I claw at her bones,
jutting collarbone and hips,
just to make sure they are the most
prominent parts of all.

I crave the gaunt echo of a face.
I whittle her bare china body
until she is all I am:

tight, taut. I grip her, desperately
control her. I’m taking hold
of the ribs that indefinitely link us,
the bars of her wrought bones
that cage us in.

Jesus, He Knows Me

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Okay, so we have heard from Joe Jackson, who if we can recall from this past week, successfully subverted gender roles and traditionally-held views of femininity and masculine sexual drive. What a swell guy! However, the time has come (I feel) to bring up yet another timely issue: proselytizing though the news. And this is where MY musical buddies come in. Say hello to my favorite band, Genesis!

Their song “Jesus He Knows Me” actually deals with “spreading the word” through media, most specifically through the means of televangelism. It also points out the [potential] falsity or lack of morals on the part of the televangelist depicted in the song. It’s definitely worth a listen, although to really get the full gist of it, maybe googling the lyrics would be lucrative, too.

“Jesus He Knows Me” (from the 1991 album “I Can’t Dance”)

(Note: The album is “We Can’t Dance.” Sorry people, it’s one in the morning. Don’t ask me why I’m awake.)

If you liked that little snippet, here’s a great little nugget. Hey Bible buffs, this song reminded me of the Prodigal Son the first time I heard it– what do you think???

“No Son of Mine” from the album “We Can’t Dance”