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The Anti-Falwell Flip Side – Week 13 Class Facilitation

Thursday, April 11th, 2013



Freedom of religion is also freedom from religion separation church and state California proposition 8 protest mormon hypocrisy












You can’t argue with Dirty Harry….just sayin’











 (please beware if profanity offends you because Chris Rock has quite the vocabulary when it comes to profanity)










Thursday, April 4th, 2013

gay_synagogue_030813_300pxBHow can one book mean so many different things to so many different people – even among people of the same faith? The enormously wide spectrum of the interpretation of The Bible can be overwhelming, especially when those interpretations result in such diverse ways of living. The completely clashing views of the Orthodox Jews and the Reform Jews is a prime example of different interpretations as well of approaches to interpretation of a religious guide (in this case The Torah) can lead to different ways of living. From what you eat to who participates in services to whether or not you can even convert to Judaism are just a few glaring examples of contention between these two groups. Orthodox Jews don’t allow women in the same section during services but yet Reform Jews have already ordained women as rabbis. Reform Jews seem to be one of the only religious sects that don’t blame women for situations or problems or treat them as if they are not equal to men. Same extreme differences apply when it comes to being and the issues that come along with being gay such as gay marriage and equal rights. Learning about the incredible sense of community that seems to be within all segments of the Jewish faith makes the heartbreak and angst that the gay men and women in Trembling Before G-d even more morose – especially when the ostracizing they are experiencing could in all likelihood be avoided by being a Reform Jew instead. It’s hard to abandon the beliefs and the beliefs of your family and community that you have known your entire life. It was troubling to see one of the men in the movie talking about how he, on the advice from his rabbi, snapped a rubber band on his wrist every time he looked at a man and found him attractive in an attempt to retrain his brain. He was desperate to conform to being an Orthodox Jew rather than to abandon his beliefs. Watching him struggle with that choice made learning about what it means to be a Reform Jew that much more inspiring. How amazing it is to see a religious sect be so openly supportive of the LGBT community. oy-vey-gayWhen so many people are reluctant to come out because of the religious beliefs of their families, there is a faith which has a interpretation of The Bible that doesn’t result in being deemed an outcast. In regards to the issue of gay rights and marriage, I definitely like the answer that the Reform Jews came up with when asked “WWJD” and they believe that Jesus wouldn’t turn his back on a person for being gay.