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Cruise Control? Not So Much.

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Okay, so feel free to disagree with me, but a lot of this text seems to focus around miscommunications and confusion of goals at the YMCA. And a lot of these have to do with false assumptions. These include but are not limited to:

1. Christians are wholesome.

False: Christians TRY to be wholesome. But hey, Christians are people, and people are whole, not wholesome (which, if you think about it, is an oxymoronic word in itself).

2. Providing sex education will make young men MORE restrained and less likely to engage in sexual acts with other men.

False: Maybe this would have been true if the Y had been less demanding of the men who held positions within the organization, particularly the secretaries. Maybe if they’d gotten to spend more time with their wives, too, they wouldn’t feel such strong homoerotic bonds.

3. However, in contrast to that previous observation, another assumption the Y held was that homosociality was just as “dangerous” to society as homosexuality…

False: From a 21st-century standpoint, neither is particularly “dangerous. But going along with that…

4. Similarly, there was the assumption that the “scare” of rampant homoeroticism and homosexual desires being acted upon in the early 20th century were equivalent to homosocial bonds.

False: It is simply that the centuries had different ways of defining what was considered to be “erotic” and what was “good clean fun” in terms of men being around each other/craving each other’s company/expressing longing for being in close proximity to other men’s bodies…

…Sorry this is so scattered; there’s just a lot to say about this piece. Anybody else get a kick out of that one chauvinist who claimed that men were at the Y to get “real work” done, whereas at the YWCA, women do domestic things, such as “make food”? Or for the studies of gay pornography that trace their roots back to these early fitness manuals? That was extremely interesting to me, and I will tell you all why tomorrow…

I do think Gustav-Wrathall could have woven more of a religious context into this, but considering his background as an ex-Mormon may not have proven especially applicable to this scholarship, I do not count the absence of his religious input as a devastating drawback in terms of the work overall.

Individuals Rights in Puritanical Massachusetts; Buggering the Cows.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

I want to bugger a cow.  Well not really, but if I so chose to do so, how then in any way does that effect the community?  Why does the community have a right to investigate my acts that are done in privacy?  Anne Hutchinson was an outspoken member of her puritanical society -a community deeply rooted in tradition and religious adherence.  Where strict observance to the text was of the upmost importance for the community.  Her crime; teaching/interpreting the Holy Bible without priest present or herself being ordained, not an option for women.  The root of this problem does not begin with her practice of religion but rather her role in the community therein decentralizing the priesthood’s role in the community.

Mrs. Hutchinson further pressed religious freedom as well as an individuals right to interpret the bible.  She was a puritanical feminist of sorts; ingrained in her  beliefs was a woman’s right to interact with the church.  Though later critical of the church, her intentions were never to cause a disturbance but rather further the practice of religion outside of the church.  Eventually she was formally charged with transducing, (undermining the priests) as well as antinomianism (god’s grace has allowed Christians to no longer observe moral precepts).  Stressing that personal observance as a means of reaching god- far removed from the institution of the church and the interpretation of priests (

Her ability to rattle the course of the puritanical cause sheds light on the very foundation of the ‘city on the hill’ -John Winthrop (governor of Mass.)

John Winthrop; Wikipedia

Though an influential woman and the daughter of an outspoken man, the puritanical system was clearly degrading.  The distopia soon formed, rooted in fear of the devil/indians as well as what I believe impossible standards of religious practice.  Calvinism much like the interpretation of Marx by Lenin was greatly shifted over time to favor the wealthy and affluent -the ‘elect’ few as they believed.  Something that Calvin believed was impossible to predict.

This reflection of the society then shares no surprise that those individuals in the community who chose to engage sexual acts with animals were going to abruptly face consequences.  The bay colony had no place for this behavior, nor would it be tolerated in the new Israel.  For those individuals running the community and the culture as a whole, believed that they were working to create a utopia.  And in no utopia would acts of forced sexual aggression onto another human or animal be accepted for either the molester or the victim.