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Because I Write Poems…

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

…I decided to share one with you guys. Also because I am obsessed with ribs, Adam’s and otherwise.

Entangled in Bone
(For Allison)

I step outside myself
and become two. I become us,
both she and I, both true.

Awash with pale, unforgiving
fluorescence, I claw at her bones,
jutting collarbone and hips,
just to make sure they are the most
prominent parts of all.

I crave the gaunt echo of a face.
I whittle her bare china body
until she is all I am:

tight, taut. I grip her, desperately
control her. I’m taking hold
of the ribs that indefinitely link us,
the bars of her wrought bones
that cage us in.