Class Facilitation Sign-Up

Week 3 (Anti-Catholic nativism)

Sam Shortt

Week 5 (Two-Spirited People)

Brittany Kahn

Sarah Foote

Week 6 (Moral Reform and the YMCA)

Dahlia Nelson

Alex Erskine

Week 7 (Moral Reform, Evangelicalism, and Prostitution)

Peter Britten

Mary Ellen Wendt

Week 9 (Sex and Science)

Camille Turner

Week 10 (Spiritualism and Sex)

Bethany Apelquist

Jessie Tamayo

Week 11 (Birth Control, Catholics, and MLK)

Gabrielle Kuhn

Week 12 (Being Jewish and Gay)

Kristen Lamb

James Hutcheson

Week 13 (The Religious Right and the New Sexual Frontier)

Desa Stone-Olson

Week 14 (Feminism and Evangelicals)

Sarah Loesch

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  1. Jessie Tamayo says:

    Could I get week 10?

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