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Let’s start off with a video.

This is evidence for why men need women to stay in the home and take care of their families…


By the way, just to let everyone know, I have also taken a vow of sarcasm, just as our dear Lydia (sp?) has. Hehe…

Well, the most interesting reading to me this week was the Anti-Feminist Movement work. Normally, when I have learned about the different civil rights movements, I just hear the feminist perspective. But in this reading we learned and saw the perspective of the opposing side, the New Right.

These women come from Christian backgrounds and their religion is so much a part of their lives, just as Wilkins explained in her reading. This means that they follow the bible and live to follow what God commands them to do. The major problem at this time is that people, specifically women, are obtaining the right to be open about things like homosexuality, abortion, sex education, and gender roles. So since these women have stood up for their beliefs, Christian women are obligated to do so, too.

Something that stuck out to me this week was that it mentions that is women decided to abandon their roles, and then men would not see the obligation of continuing their role in the home. Life would be chaotic because men are savages that only women could control. These two ideas made me think about the beginning of the semester when women were seen as cold and men were seen as hot. Men needed women to “cool” them down. And just as the video shows, they can’t live without women and women can’t live without them because anti-feminists believe that it’s the way God meant for it to be. And not that I agree, but it makes sense they would form many different groups, because if they had not they would be agreeing with the feminists.

Because all feminists are lesbians, hello!

Because all feminists are lesbians, hello!

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