A Record of Contradictions

The Mary Daly reading was like a breath of fresh air for me. Finally someone is calling out the contradictions that are in religion – contradictions that seem to be across the board in every sect, not just Christianity. How can people read something written a couple thousand years ago and apply it to life today? Contradictions and interpretations of the Bible in order to justify beliefs, lifestyles, and oppression of gender, class, and race don’t seem to be what the whole point of true religion is. It was Francois de la Rochefoucauld who said “the only thing constant in life is change and I couldn’t agree more. How can the interpretations of the Bible not change over time? I didn’t know much about the different religions prior to taking this class but it seems to me like the Reform Jews are on to something. You have to change with the times or you will be left behind. When I get a text from my 64 year old mother or see a Facebook post from my 69 year old father it reminds me that everyone can adapt to the present. Just like in the NPR piece that Professor Moon posted – even the Catholic church is starting to see that maybe some changes needed to be made in regards to roles of women in church. If so many people are losing faith because of how the church dictates how they should live their lives then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate how the Bible applies to the world today. Rottenecards_8540215_rtqhydqgn8

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