The ‘new’ right

What is so new about the ‘new’ right?  They hide behind new terms, social media, and forms of propaganda not directly noticeable by the general public.  They are the anti-newwave feminism that sprung up during the 70’s.  Founded in religious beliefs those women participating in the spread of the Christian message that women at home is where they belong are of course hurting the working woman, but also ignoring a vast majority of the individuals in the working force.   Particularly those women who are impoverished and have already been working for a large portion of their adult lives.  They are not included in either form of feminism or anti-feminism.  Those miniorities have been working moms their entire lives attempting to raise a family and bringing home food for it at the same time.

Those women who are potientally divorsed or were never married and have to provide for a family and themselve, do not fit into the contemporary notion of breaking the glass ceiling. Those women, in the work force making minimum wage are the ones being specifically left out of the feminism. 

To continue onto the reading regarding the subcultures of christians in school, I really hope to highlight how awful and short sighted that was.  Those subcultures, are NO DIFFERENT than any subculture.  I am aware that we already talked about this in class, but I was hoping to futher highlight that here.   EVERY subculture is going to have norms, rules, codes, language and an unwritten moral standing that you do not cross.  They may incorporate religion into their subculture as seen in certain sports teams, but their primary focus is not religion but acceptance and a shared goal.  I wish the author had done a better job of understanding that for myself crew could be a religion. 

We have a shared moral code, rules, norms, and I do it so frequently it is almost a religion.  Hell, sometimes I lean on almost a prayer that I wont get splashed with cold water in the morning.

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