Aside from ethical issues (and arguably usually even in those) the issue of control is the central issue in arguments over birth control. Of course that could be said of all political issues but in this case it is especially applicable, as many people see control over reproduction as control over the future. As we discussed in class, this attitude can be seen in Instrument of Genocide, the Quiverfull movement, white Americans fear of no longer being the majority, and in many other groups that perceive themselves to have different actual and/or deserved power then other groups.
In Humanae Vitae, the Pope expresses his issues with people attempting to impose their will on areas that he views as solely the domain of the Christian god (who he sees himself as representing, of course). Many people would probably associate this back to the story of the Garden and its aftermath (as both result and source), where pregnancy is a consequence imposed on us instead a rational decision/plan of the people involved.

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