Lesser of the Two Evils (Extra Credit)

Which is worse?

The year is 1948. You’re sixteen year-old daughter has found a date to prom–no–wait–TWO dates! Huzzah!

But wait…

One is Mary-Lou, the school LESBIAN! The other–God–forbid–is BLACK!


You pause for a moment. It would’ve been highly preferred had Jack The Ripper asked your precious daughter to prom.

I guess, all things considered, better that she date a black boy than another girl. After all, you can always hide in the back of his truck with an AK47.

Sexual debauchery–the ultimate evil of the Post-WWII Era. No separation between Church and State here. What God frowned upon was what government frowned upon. What exactly did God frown upon? Well, anything really if you can manipulate the text enough.

Miscegeny and homosexuality were probably the most offensive acts in which one could participate; however, also up there was anything pre-marital. With this tightly-wound societal structure, one needs some kind of outlet–hence the beginning of erotica!

Pinup girls may seem innocent enough now, but back in the day, these ladies were equivalent to porn. They donned the cover of any and every pulp text!

Miscengeny and homosexuality were the ultimate of the post-war sexual indulgences–they were taboo and “sinful”–soul-damning, really. So obviously, they were responsible for the most risque of pulp-fiction and media.

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