Blog Anxiety…

I know this is just something I have to get over, but I am still not entirely comfortable with expressing my feelings about the readings on the blog. I feel like there is too much to say, and that I will bog people down by having to read my ramblings, or else I will abbreviate too much and then it won’t be insightful.

Any directional help from my fellow scholars? Regardless of whether anyone sees this post, there WILL be a blogpost regarding the reading and a separate one about Brigham Young come 8 A.M., but I’m just overthinking and stressing out in the meantime.

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One Response to “Blog Anxiety…”

  1. Krsytyn Moon says:

    Part of the learning process in doing a blog is figuring out what is appropriate for such a “public” space. My advice–engage the reading in a constructive and productive way. Do that, and Dr. Mathews and I have your back.