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Faith and Fear, A Community Apart: Orthodox Jews and Homosexuality

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

This might end up being one of my shorter posts.  I don’t claim any thorough understanding of Judaism, particularly as it is practiced in our day and country.  That said, I was upset and moved by many of the stories from “Trembling Before G-d.”  Whether you believe homosexual activity is right or wrong, it certainly is wrong to treat another person without respect and without any appreciation for the life and potential of another human being.  You might find their behavior vile, loathsome, and vulgar and I suppose that can’t always be helped (it often goes both ways) but to actively abuse that other person is inhumane.  The story of the man whose father was 94 (or 98, I can’t quite remember) and hadn’t spoken with him in 30 years was particularly tragic.  When the father cited his not wanting his son in his home because of the diseases, apparently contagious, that his son would spread because of his being gay I was somewhat shocked.  My feelings aside, this really does speak to a fundamental lack of knowledge and understanding that, if I may, seems fair to generalize and say a lack of understanding that pervades many groups within American society even today.  I don’t mean this as a judgement call but merely a fact.

Fear is certainly bred by such ignorance.  Curiously, however, one of those interviewed for

Would you really want to know?

the video equated this unknowing as a mystery, and positively so, which was in a way more holy than the normal alternative of heterosexuality (pleasure and/or procreation, I’m not sure).  This, I suppose, is what I find most fascinating about Judaism is this dynamism in which one can clearly disagree with an another person or group and still consider himself a Jew.  You might call Protestantism dynamic given its multiplicity of expression, often confusing and confounding, but it doesn’t seem quite the same and I’m not sure I can put a reason on that.  For many, being gay and being Orthodox simply isn’t a viable option.  A choice must be made and the road and end are not often happy.

Travel Hazards and the LGBT Community

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Just another post concerning gay issues, this time about travel from our State Department.

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