What are you arguing here, Jerry?

For me, it seems like Jerry may have been pulling the wool over America’s eyes.  But, perhaps his intentions were more pure than we think.  Keep n my mind I disagree with 100% of the ignorant things this book listed as the problems with America.  But, let us keep in mind that his book was published in 1980.  The height of the Col War is in full effect, and people are more scared of commies than the boogey man.

Is the hellfire coincidence?


In a very roundabout and incredibly insensitive way, I wonder if old Jerry Falwell was attempting to keep America closer to the white and blue rather than the red.  With literature as inflammatory as his book, I think it possible that a clean America isn’t exactly what Jerry was going for.  It may be possible that Falwell makes this outlandish and hurtful claims in order to draw the reader in.  Like a 6th grader learning to write essays, Falwell has hooked the reader with interesting subject matter.  Also like a 6th grader, Falwell has mortally insulted a large swath of people.  But that isn’t the point.  The absolute ridiculousness of his work makes it very noticeable, and then possible for readers to see the real message.  Stick with capitalism America.

Jerry Falwell Anti-Communism

One Response to “What are you arguing here, Jerry?”

  1. James Hutcheson says:

    I was interested in the picture that you have posted on your blog here. I was hoping that you might clarify the date that this was published. The reason I am asking is that it seems as if an African American male is being assaulted along with the woman by these communists. Thus, I was wondering when this would have been published. Further, I wonder if the publishing agency is concerned about the African American community being more susceptible to communism due to their lower status in society.