Speculation about the future

This week’s readings were all centered around the Christian’s psyche, specifically their views on the family. Falwell seemed to focus a lot on the way in which America was founded, and how Americans must keep those family and religious views if they want to make America a successful and Godly country. What he doesn’t really feel is important are the changing times. Personally, I found him very offensive with his comments about women. In regards to his wife, he claimed that “she does not consider her life work of making my life happy…inconsequential and demeaning” (page 2). If he were still alive, I’d love to ask Falwell why a woman’s happiness must be determined by her husband’s happiness? He was further offensive when he ranted about the new surge of women in the work place. “Nearly every occupation has been invaded by women,” (page 2) he claimed. INVADED? Hmm….

Unlike Falwell’s writing, Dawidoff seemed unbiased and interesting. The notion of sensual rock ‘n’ roll being associated with purity seems slightly strange. How can one use music to spread Christianity, and at the same time, make a huge profit? Although the message does seem kind of hypocritical, I don’t fault the people who are profiting from Christian music. Isn’t that what a lot of church officials do…profit from spreading God’s word? In the broader Christian world, it seems that half of the people believe Godly people should endure lots of suffering, and the other half don’t have a problem taking in those monetary blessings that must be a gift from God. Anyways, certainly no one could consider those Point of Grace women hypocritical…for now. They are forever going to be held to a rigorous moral standard because of their music. To hear them sing, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4IQV_mDUeU. It seems like Christian musicians, despite their restricted fame (only being exposed to Christian crowds) have a much more monitored and pressured life than secular celebrities do.

Minkowitz and Luker gave pretty good insightsinto the social factors that played parts in the anti-gay and pro-life campaigns. Since we’ve pretty much accepted abortion in this country (despite the continued pro-life organizations), I belive the new hot issue is the acceptance of homosexuality. Although Christians were underestimating the abortion issue in America, I don’t think they are making the same mistake with homosexuality. I do, however, have hope for the gay-acceptance movement because state laws are beginning to accept gay marriage, and other gay rights. If legal abortion holds any sort of parallel to gay rights, then the continued disagreement among state laws will eventually lead to a federal ruling to legalize gay marriage.

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  1. Arrrbuckles says:

    I, too, have hope for the gay-acceptance movement. <3