Women and Evangelism

Since everyone (I think) was posting pictures on flappers, I decided I would show off Em Dryer. Hehe.

So there are a couple of things I can’t get out of my head when I was reading Sin in the City but I’ll focus on one. I was a little impressed women were becoming more involved in evangelizing. It was a big awakening for most of the country; an awakening on how they worshiped God, on religion, and on women in church.

What was interesting to me was that some of these women became pastors and were preaching and converting. They seemed to be independent and doing their own thing but of course they’re still dependent on men. I thought it was interesting that Dyer started a group for women but how it was controlled by men because of the money. Without the fund from the men, they wouldn’t have been able to have this group to evangelize and educate women. It was just something that kept coming to mind.

Although they were still controlled because of money, they were still able to do somethings independently. It makes me wonder if these women felt more privileged than other women because they were permitted more just because they were evangelist women. Or if they used this type of independence to their advantage.

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