Where the Ladies at?

Preaching, apparently.

I must admit I was confused to read that there were women preacheras at all before the 20th century.  Much less preachers that were 3 years old.  It astounded me to know that women were actually considered in the church at this early of a time. 

Naturally this is headed towards a breakdown of the gender dichotomy in the Christian church.  For more information I took to the internet locating this article http://www.ccel.us/place.praise.html

In it I found that htere actually is an argument for women.  And a sound one at that.  Call me ignorant, or a non-believer or whatever but I was under the impression that women were treated rather poorly in the church.  It was astounding to find out that there are people making arguments for women using biblical references.  Not only now, but in the 19th century.



Another thing I found interesting in the online reading was that eventually the Evangelists copied the fashion of Flappers.  At this point I actually stopped reading, and reread that part several times.  Evangelists with bob haircuts and makeup?!  Incredible.  It sounds like something straight out of 2012.  Flappers are much akin to hipsters.  And like a normal American society the normal people who are against hipsters (the evangelists) reject anything new that might threaten their way of life.  Interestingly enough, the hipster fashion and music choices work their way into public favor and become affected by hipster culture. 

Ultimately the flapper evangelist exchange is one that has happened and will continue to happen for many years to come.  It is a social change that excites people and leads them to react negatively.  Perhaps because of popular suggestion the new social mnovement is shunned.  People claim that it is stupid, or uncool purely because they are too lazy to make a change. 

Perhaps change is at the root of this?  Maybe the reason people are afraid of hipsters and flappers is because it is different, it is new and it represents change.  The paralyzing fear of change makes a lot of people react negatively to new things.  I think this is the case with flappers.


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