It’s all Eve’s Fault, She ate the fruit first!


Women have been viewed as the “second sex”, not only because Simon de Beauvoir book, but also because women were the second sex because God Almighty created women second. While Adam was created first and in the likeness of God, women were created after man and from man, therefore women are second.  These ideas are still being argued and debated in Churches today.

So now we have established that women take a second place in the world. Because they come from man they then must submit to man and the laws that men place over women. Men have established their sphere in the public as a way to rule over women. The women’s sphere has then been established in the home in order to raise children and manage the family.

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Not only is the woman a member of the second sex but she is also the cause for man’s eviction from the Garden of Eden. She picked the fruit, she ate it and gave it to man and convinced him to eat the fruit as well. blog6Now to the late 19th century… Women are trying to maintain their homes but also feel it is their moral obligation to nurture and keep men on a path that is good and moral. Thus the Women’s Bible Society, Women’s Temperance Movement are created. Her world is shifiting from inside the home to outside. She is treading on the male sphere.

blog 2The book Sin in the City, shows us the opposition that slowly emerged by women crossin the barrier into the mans world . Here we see the natural progression of the Womens Rights Movement concentrated in Chicago.

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