Girls Just want to have fun!

So as I was reading about the flappers and the women preachers, I thought to myself, do flappers dance? Because it seems to me like thats what flappers should do. So of course I went to youtube and looked in up! This is the video I found, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the music in the back ground. . But that got me to thinking even more (ya that’s a lot of thinking, I know) and I was wondering did the women of the 1920’s have fun? Was the freedom that they experienced as flappers and as preachers a good time had by all? Part of me thinks of course they did! They got to experience freedom and begin to break away from social norms. Women started to enter into a new social spheres that would have been unheard of before the 1920’s. But really, how different was it? Lets take a look at the women who began preaching. The readings talked about how even among the churches that women where allowed to preach, they still where expected to maintain the house, and be good wives to their husbands. The evangelical church was threatened by new ideas of freedom what they considered promiscuous behavior. Things like this didn’t sit well  with the evangelicals.  

The women that did preach, would preach against the changing culture that the flappers embraced. It ironic that while both the flappers and the women preachers were experiencing a new dynamic of freedom, they greatly disagreed about what it should look like. In class we talked about how the women evangelicals would go preach to prostitutes and other women, and when they did they would tell those women to embrace a pure life style, one in which they would be domestic and subversive to the male leaders of the church. I think that it is good that women began to have a role in the church, but part of me wonders just how big of a role it really was, especially if their roles only enforced patriarchy within the leadership of the church.

PS: When I was looking up images of flappers, I found this, anyone else think its super creepy?

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  1. bethany says:

    Why is that picture so big? I don’t know. But it makes it even creepier.