She living the life just like a movie star, Oh Maria, Maria…..

Maria Monk. So many things come to mind when I hear that name. I would like to think that she was not mentally well and she wanted to create lies with the book, but of course, that’s not all that true either. The truth is that she was used and manipulated by a group of Protestant ministers in order to scare Catholics in America.

Protestants were mean back in the day and some still are! They were nosy bullies to the people they didn’t like because of their religion, race, sexual preference, people’s personal decisions, and other similar things. They obviously over looked 1 John chapter 4, which talks all about loving other people because it is a commandment. I don’t think many Christians at that time asked themselves, “What Would Jesus Do?” If they did, they did an awful job of showing it. They just didn’t know how to let people be and not be the bosses of everyone. It’s annoying and embarrassing, as a Christian myself, to see them force people into doing whatever they wanted, many things that were unjust, throughout history.

The book was hard to read for me personally because I had to remind myself constantly that it wasn’t real. Pretty frustrating.

And this is the fun part to my blog…. haha

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