Catholicism, Horror Version.

Someone in class was saying something along the lines of how this book makes for an interesting story with decently creative writers. The readers just didn’t notice the fiction. I mean how would they know what it’s like to live in a monastery anyway? But also, didn’t these writers have to base their lies off something? Not that I’m saying I believe it, but I wonder how they could make so many details up like this.

Another thing, these ministers seem to be protesting Catholic rituals via monastic rituals, since nuns and monks participate in longer rituals than other Catholics. While all Catholics perform rituals in the name of God, nuns and monks devote their entire life to God and, essentially, ritual. What I’m really trying to say here is maybe the Protestants are afraid of ritual, or Catholic ritual, and how the nuns are participating in it, giving them an overall fear or dislike of the Catholic church.

To bring in the sexual part of the story, much of the story is about priests defiling nuns and so forth, therefore degrading and contradicting their “good deeds get you into heaven” philosophy, as well as any good name of the Catholic church. Priests are placed at a high order in the Catholic church to uphold the name of Catholics and bring people to God. However, if they are having sex with nuns, they are not only hurting the reputation of the church, but they are going against their convenant with God, which is quite possibly the worst thing they could do. Therefore, even if some of the other details in the book weren’t true, just the fact that priests may have been raping nuns would convince someone that Catholicism is a faulty religion.

One last thing, horror movies are sometimes set in monasteries, so they are even presented to the general public as less than pleasant places today. Was this book just used for a good horror story with underlying hopes that everyone would start disliking Catholicism as much as the Protestants did?

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  1. Arrrbuckles says:

    Thanks for saying this in such a clear-cut and rational way, Mary Ellen. And not rambling about corridors or chambers or stairways or infirmaries, for that matter.