All Hail the King

Or maybe not?  As it turns out, the protestant ministers may have had more aversion to monarchy than was good for them; or society.  Let me back this up.

The story of Maria Monk’s adventures (or horrifying experiences) in the convent is fraught with more than one unbelievable instance.  Babies thrown into pits, nuns raped and tortured are just a few examples of the supposed misdeeds of Catholic priests and supporters of the church.  Whether or not these events actually occurred is beside the point.  The ultimate point of the writings of Marie Monk was to slander the Catholic church.  In that regard, they were a huge success.

Anti-Catholic feelings were already high, almost all of the people in the new world were Protestants escaping the religious intolerance of Europe.  While it is true that Catholics and Protestants have clashed and continue to do so, the real issue is far beneath the surface.

The animosity for Catholicism grows out of a deep-seated hatred for Monarchy.  The citizens of a young America view Catholicism much the same way they view the King and his subjects across the pond.  Catholics are all organized under one leader, the pope.  It is difficult to separate Catholicism and Monarchy, therefore Maria Monk’s writings only added more fuel to the fire of enmity.

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