50 Shades of Black Nunnery


Reading Maria Monk was such a bore!! There was so much more description in the layout of the nunnery than in the scandalous deeds that were carried on. It seems to me that Maria put in such useless descriptions in order to add credibility to her story.

Mother Superior was quite a character and must have been a bit mad in order to continue the lies and atrocities that supposedly went on at the nunnery. Not only did she  enable the Priest to have their ways with the Nuns but she also believed that it was a righteous duty and privilege.

The Priest themselves were treated as closest to Christ  than anyone else on earth and considered to be free of all sin. They told the Nuns to never reveal the truth of what was happening in the Convent and were told to lie to others. My favorite quote was “But a lie told for the good of the church or Convent, was meritorious, and of course the telling of it a duty.”

With that said how ironic that the entire story itself was a lie. It leads the reader to think … “What duty does this lie serve?”

One Response to “50 Shades of Black Nunnery”

  1. Arrrbuckles says:

    That was my favorite line too– probably because it seemed (unfortunately) the most “true” of the entire piece. Telling a lie for the good of the church is something that still goes on today…