Deception, Lies, and a Convincing Story

What the Ministers created was a work of art.  A story that convinced many people that the Catholic church was brewing great evils behind the walls of their convent.  The Catholics were also worshiping a king, something that post revolutionary US was not appreciating.  They were also taking young women out of their homes and putting them behind walls in which family members were unable to see them.  However, all these ‘problems’ aside, why were the Ministers able to create a narrative of horror and captivate so many individuals?

It is a simple notion of fear, fear that played right into the hands of a newly formed government and society.  Post revolutionary US was trying to find identity in whatever form that she was able.  Thus, the way that the US found foundation was through the aggressive democracy and anything that did not live up to the litmus test created was harshly attacked.  A perfect example of this is the Catholic church which had deep roots in the value of the Pope, a king at the time.  As these catholics prayed through the Pope to god then they were legitimizing the popes authority over them.  Or so the Ministers believed.

Hence, why individuals in this ‘new’ society believed deeply in preserving  democracy as well as attacking any form of authority that did not aline with these new values.  Therefore, for the Ministers to create a narrative surrounding the horrors of the Catholic Church was not difficult, and it was also not difficult for these individuals hearing the story to believe it.

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