Maria Monk…the WORST Recruiter Ever

The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk told of some horrific practices among convents. She claims that they were doing things that would make some modern day criminals queezy. Strangling and throwing newborns in a pit certainly doesn’t paint the church in a positive light. She exposed the sin going on within the convent, like the fornicating priests and the murders of nuns. However, the fact that her entire book was discredited is highly important when considering her work. I wonder if she was merely trying to give the church a bad name, or maybe she was seeking revenge on a place where she claimed she was made ignorant of the true world. The biggest thing that Maria Monk overarchingly claimed throughout her book was the hypocrisy within the church. Although her work as a whole has been discredited and proved false, perhaps not all of her accusations were incorrect. Things like promiscuity and lieing could have really been taking place in the convent, and perhaps she just blew things out of porportion because she was angry or wanted to make a statement.

One thing that she continually remarks upon is the state of helplessness that the nuns were in. She gives examples of how nuns who wanted to run away were horrifically killed, and shows that after her own acceptance of the veil, she has no other choice but to comply with what the other nuns and priests are telling her to do. Since we did not read past chapter 19, I am unsure of how she claims she escaped the convent, but if she and a select other few whom she mentions could escape, then why was it purely an involuntary, alomost hostage-like situation? If  such things were actually going on in a convent, how could there be absolute prevention of word spreading among outsiders? She makes some wild accusations that could be based on certain less mortifying instances, but were proved to be false crimes.

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One Response to “Maria Monk…the WORST Recruiter Ever”

  1. gkuhn says:

    When I was reading Maria Monk, the first thing I thought of was “Who would want to be a nun after reading this?” I think your title really says it all. If I lived during that time and I had been thinking about becoming a nun, I would have said no way after reading Awful Disclosures. Maybe that was one of the writers’ goals!