Anne Hutchinson; The wave-maker for women in the church.

I think Anne Hutchinson was born in the wrong era and instead should have been born in the late 20th century, when all different types of movements sparked up. Hutchinson felt she could speak and hear the voice of God even though she was a woman. She was a progressive leader for women within her church, encouraging them to study the bible. In her time she was seen as a person who practiced heresy but today she is recognized as a woman who set the path for women’s rights in a religious context.

In Anne Hutchinson’s trial, she was accused for hearing God and holding meetings where she would help women think about their spiritual lives. This kind of thing was unacceptable because only men, specifically those ordained, had that type of relationship or privilege with God. This was not only something believed by the Puritans but by all Protestant religions in the 1600’s and even much after. Women in ministry were not even recognized until the late 1900’s. With much struggle, women were accepted into major roles within the church in many Protestant denominations.

When I think of Anne Hutchinson I think of a woman who stood up for her beliefs. She was one of the few women who made their opinions heard, especially in a time where religion and nothing else was life. I think she was something like a foundation for women in the church to fight for appreciation and equal rights.

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